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July 2011

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Hoping I'm not the only one who's done this...

00.00--Pissed off. *listens to eminem*
00.30--I wish I could express my emotions like this. Maybe I'll try. They say writing poetry is cathartic.
00.45--This is shit, I can't write poetry *goes back to listening to music*
00.50--*starts writing thoughts so they fit the beat of the rap*
00.53--Hey--this is going really well
01.00--Fuck yeah, that's amazing. I'm a genius! 
01.15--Wow, this is getting really long but it feels so good. Look at all these metaphors and double rhymes. I can't believe I'm an undiscovered prodigy, fuck it, I should leave school, not go to uni and just become a poet!
01.30--I should go to bed or do some work, but this is such a revolutionary piece of art I'm writing I just can't step away from it.  For me to stop at such a crucial point in its development would be to deprive the world of a masterpiece. 
02.00--Eyes aching. Maybe I should stop. It's so good though. 
10.00--*remembers* Hey, I wrote a poem last night! *opens MS Word and the file with the poem in it*
10.01--What the Jesus-fuck is this splat of psychotic pretentious word-soup?

The moral: 1. If you think you can't write poetry you definitely can't. 2. Don't give Cat rap after midnight.


:L I so want to see that. But I guess I'm not going to. What is it about seeing/hearing talented people that makes us think we must surely be equally good?