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July 2011

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So, supposedly I was on TV yesteday but my grandpa emailed my mum to ask where I was standing so I can't have been that visible. I think after all the cheesy smiling my facial muscles fell into a kind of aching grimace causing me to look like a pumpkin lantern, so that's probably why. Some people were photogenic enough to get a close up bexisrose :)
In other news, I am seeing Merlin on Thursday and I got an exceptionally nice inbox message which was very...not pleasing...happying. Happifying. What's the real word? Also, I am in France which is awesome. It's raining today so I will be doing my dissertation as soon as I've finished this. But yeah, don't get me started talking about my dissertation; I'm actually so into it I had a dream  last night where there were David Cameron quotes in giant letters all over Byres Road. Not even joking.

So, skiing. Is fun. No pictures because, let's face it, nobody looks cool in a ski suit. If you want entertainment, you may have some facebook failery:

Elle*****: Im like the munt of the competition..like the ginge soloist
16 hours ago
Lynne *******: they should have put a bag on her head or dubbed her voice with someone hot...
wow i'm a bitch. haha
16 hours ago
Elle*****: I would agree but i cant exactly talk. Hahahaha whyyy did i choose that day to look minging?!
15 hours ago ·
Me: *thinks but doesn't type* Yes, you do appear to be a bitch. Actually, you both do. Well done.

Anyway, that would be a really negative note to end on...but I can't think of anything that would make everyone really happy...hmmmmmm...Doctor Who starts in 3 weeks?

That's not really soon enough to be exciting is it? Not if you have a life. It's more like an advanced warning of when I'm going to start spamming your friends feed with 'Oh my god, did you see that! I love Matt Smith! Blah blah blah etc'. Sorry. Have a talking gorilla which either the shitty hotel wifi or LJ itself won't let me embed: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U64k_fA2Rcc